Logistics Group Admiral - one of the leading 3PL operators of the North-West region of Russia, and the most dynamically developing 3PL operator in Russia.

Currently the company employs more than 800 people

twenty years of experience allows us to solve the most complex tasks

During the period from 2012 to 2013:

► Increase the area of warehouse space more than 2 times

► Create more than 500 additional jobs

The total capacity of storage facilities in Russia and the CIS, in February 2014:

150 000 pallets


The planned capacity of storage facilities in Russia and the CIS by the end of 2014:

250 000 pallets


6 March 2014: The grand opening of the warehouse complex of A+ class in the industrial zone Gorelovo. The new warehouse complex, with a capacity of 50 000 pallets, became the first object, which was commissioned as part of the strategic development program of Logistics Group "3 to 50".
Logistic group "Admiral-TSV" started construction of its own A-class warehouse complex with a capacity of 50 000 pallet in Technopark M4.
The "Admiral" Group, one of the five largest Russian regional 3PL operators (including customs services and safekeeping of cargoes), acquired from the operator of "Marino" 4.4 hectares under logistics center with an area of 20 thousand m2.