Import of equipment


JSC "Terminal-SV" (customs-wing of the Group) - one of the most reputable and experienced customs representatives, included in the register of customs representatives of the FCS of the Russian Federation (certificate 0130/00).

Highly qualified personnel, 20 years of experience and advanced customs technologies are the key factors of the quality of customs services of Logistics Group.

SV" was the first company, who filed electronically by technology of ED-1 in St. Petersburg, and one of the first companies, who introduced the technology of electronic declaration of ED-2.

The logistics Group was able to implement the technology for remote release. This technology has allowed to expand the geography of service delivery, and to place the goods at the border terminal in the Leningrad, Pskov, Smolensk, Bryansk, Kursk and other regions of European part of Russia.



6 March 2014: The grand opening of the warehouse complex of A+ class in the industrial zone Gorelovo. The new warehouse complex, with a capacity of 50 000 pallets, became the first object, which was commissioned as part of the strategic development program of Logistics Group "3 to 50".
Logistic group "Admiral-TSV" started construction of its own A-class warehouse complex with a capacity of 50 000 pallet in Technopark M4.
The "Admiral" Group, one of the five largest Russian regional 3PL operators (including customs services and safekeeping of cargoes), acquired from the operator of "Marino" 4.4 hectares under logistics center with an area of 20 thousand m2.