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Logistics group "Admiral" is one of the first professional logistics providers of modern Russia, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014. History of development of the Logistics group is conditioned by the changes in the needs of the Russian market.

1994 - Foundation of  "Admiral ” company - one of the first General  Declarants of the North-West of Russia, with its own warehouse complex in Krasnoe Selo and free customs warehouse of open type.

Large-scale structural economic changes of the early 90s, subsequent opening of foreign markets, the massive import of foreign products, as well as strengthening state control and regulation of foreign economic activity, created the need for professional customs brokers.

2000 - Opening of the warehouse in the Moscow region (Sheremetyevo)
2004 - Creation of Logistic group «Admiral» on the basis of CJSC «Terminal-SV»
2005 - Opening of A-class warehouse complex with a capacity of 22 000 pallets in St. Petersburg. (Kronshtadt)

Access to the Russian market and active development of global corporations in the world FMCG sector has created the need for quality warehouse areas, but for the Russian market such offer has been extremely limited. Warehouse complexes have successfully passed many audits of the quality of the leading international companies in the FMCG sector.

2007 - Opening of A-class warehouse complex with a capacity of 12 000 pallets in St. Petersburg (Krasnoe Selo).

Increasing competition in all commodity markets of Russia makes the global Corporation stay in constant search and strengthening of competitive advantages, including the field of supply chain management. Complying with market requirements, Logistic group is one of the first in Russia who builds a warehouse complex in Krasnoe Selo and runs warehouse operations according to the scheme “built-to-suite”, that allows to take into account individual needs of a particular company.

2008 –The first electronic declaration in St. Petersburg filed by Logistics group "Admiral".
2011 - Start operations in A -class warehouse complex with a capacity of 12 000 pallets in Moscow (Domodedovo)

Successful cooperation with key customers in St. Petersburg allowed Logistics group "Admiral" to expand the geography of cooperation with these companies and begin operations in the Moscow region.

2013 - Access to the markets of Kazakhstan and start operations in A-class warehouse with a capacity of 20,000 pallets, and warehouse complex class B+ area of ​​21 000 sq m in Almaty.
November 2013 - the beginning of construction of a warehouse complex of A- class in Technopark M4 (Kashirskoe highway, 8 km from MKAD) with a capacity of 50 000 pallets. Commissioning - August 2014
December 2013 - the acquisition of land and the beginning of designing of warehouse complex of a class with a capacity of 50,000 pallet places in Maryino industrial Park (St. Petersburg). Commissioning - II quarter 2015
February 2014 - commissioning and start operations in the warehouse complex class A+ with a capacity of 50 000 pallets in St. Petersburg (Gorelovo)


6 March 2014: The grand opening of the warehouse complex of A+ class in the industrial zone Gorelovo. The new warehouse complex, with a capacity of 50 000 pallets, became the first object, which was commissioned as part of the strategic development program of Logistics Group "3 to 50".
Logistic group "Admiral-TSV" started construction of its own A-class warehouse complex with a capacity of 50 000 pallet in Technopark M4.
The "Admiral" Group, one of the five largest Russian regional 3PL operators (including customs services and safekeeping of cargoes), acquired from the operator of "Marino" 4.4 hectares under logistics center with an area of 20 thousand m2.