Transport logistics

Responsible and timely delivery of goods is the main priority of the transport team of “Admiral” group. Wide experience in organizing transportation allows to make the most efficient supply chain services for our customers by selecting the most optimal mode of transport, route, traffic, size of party, type of rolling stock and other parameters.

The logistic group "Admiral-TSV" is an expert in the field of transportation of food products, large-sized and heavy cargoes, dangerous goods, cargo requiring temperature control. The annual volume of freight is more than 100 thousand tons.

Constant monitoring the level of quality of services provided by the following indicators (KPIs):

  • Indicator confirmation (acceptance) of Customer orders
  • Indicator providing transport for confirmed orders
  • Timeliness of delivery, in accordance with the transit time
  • Indicator of conflict resolution / payment of claims
  • Indicator of timeliness of information delivery

The level KPIs for all ongoing traffic is no less than 99.5%.

Our warehouses have passed numerous audits of the world's largest companies with the highest ratings, what allows our customers to trust us with the storage and processing of food products, dangerous goods, goods that require special storage conditions (including temperature).