Security services

The logistic group "Admiral" has its own security company “MGB” licensed for security activity and for carrying out activities for extinguishing fires.


Security Company “MGB” provides services for armed escort of cargo from the Russian border to the customs office and from the customs post to the client's warehouse.

Employees have a first-class military training and state awards. The backbone of the company are former service members from different branches of the armed forces officers, past hot spots, took an active part in counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus, received government awards.

The Head of "MGB" is Colonel Brigade of special purpose Internal Forces, holder of two orders of Courage, Sergey Nikolskiy (pictured left).

The main activities for the protection and support of cargoes are:

Examination of the cargo to determine the appropriate escort;
Organization work for the protection of goods in accordance with the requirements of the legislation;
Protection of goods during transportation;
Monitoring the movement of a convoy through the remote control of operational duty.


In addition, the security company MGB carries out activities for the protection of objects. In particular, safety and fire protection of Admiral’s warehouses is also provided security company “MGB”.